Site Overview

Site Number


History of the Site Name

Named for nearby drainage.

Other Names

Name Comment
Johnson Ruin. Fewkes 1919*1:18.
Lyman Ruin. Metzger and Goulding 1981*1:7.

Site Type

Habitation with public architecture.

Site Boundary Description

The boundary of the site was arbitrarily set at approximately 10 m beyond the edge of architectural remains visible on the modern ground surface. In addition, an isolated kiva (Kiva 1601) is located approximately 38 m north of the northern portion of the

Site Size

5.42 acres (2.19 hectares).

Site Composition and Layout

The site includes approximately 420 rooms, 90 kivas, 14 towers, an enclosed plaza, a D-shaped bi-wall structure, a great kiva, and other structures and features. Most of the structures are located within a wall that encloses the site on the east, north, a

Cultural Affiliation and Date Range of Occupation

Mesa Verde ancestral Pueblo; late Pueblo III period. Occupied between the late A.D. 1240s or early 1250s and approximately A.D. 1280.

General Location

Approximately 12 miles (19 km) west-northwest of Cortez, Colorado (Montezuma County).

Ownership, Stewardship

U.S. Government, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.}

Years of Crow Canyon Excavation

1984-1989, 1991-1993.

Percent Excavated by Crow Canyon

Permits to conduct excavations and maintain a seasonal field camp were issued to the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), San Juan Resource Area Office, Durango, Colorado, and by the National Park Service. Excavations

Permits Comment
84-CO-046. 1984; National Park Service; survey, testing, excavation, collection, study.
C-39466a. 1984-1987; BLM; survey, testing, excavation, collection, study.
C-39466c. 1983-1989; BLM; excavation and/or removal.
C-39466e. 1989-1990; BLM; excavation.
C-39466f. 1991-1995; BLM; excavation.
CO-030-SRUP-84-2. 1984-1989; BLM; special recreation.