Site Overview

Site Number


History of the Site Name

The site was recorded as the Pasquin site in 1969 by Daniel Martin during an archaeological survey conducted by the University of Colorado Department of Anthropology.

Other Names

Name Comment
Mound 3 Martin 1969, Crow Canyon 1983
Site 2 McClellan 1986

Site Type

Habitation site.

Site Boundary Description

The site boundaries are the extent of the mechanically disturbed rubble and artifacts in the plowed field.

Site Size

.98 acres

Site Composition and Layout

The site is a large 'Prudden Unit' with roomblock and two kivas aligned from northeast to southwest and a dispersed midden downhill and east of the kiva.

Cultural Affiliation and Date Range of Occupation

The Pasquin Site dates to the Pueblo II period (A.D. 900-1100) based on the style of pottey recovered from the midden.

General Location

Approximately 5 miles west of Cortez, Colorado, south of County Road K.

Ownership, Stewardship

Private Property, Indian Camp Ranch Lot 13, Pat and Sarah Hatch}

Years of Crow Canyon Excavation

2015, 2016

Percent Excavated by Crow Canyon

State of Colorado Archaeological Permits were obtained for each field season (2011-2014) to conduct archaeological research.

Permits Comment
2015-2 State of Colorado Excavation Permit
2015-3 State of Colorado Survey Permit
2016-4 State of Colorado Excavation Permit