Site Overview

Site Number


History of the Site Name

The site was named by the landowner, Jane Dillard, for its location on the highest ridge on Indian Camp Ranch.

Other Names

Name Comment
ICR-105 Indian Camp Ranch Archaeological Survey

Site Type

Habitation site

Site Boundary Description

Site 5MT10711 is part of a cluster of five Ancestral Pueblo sites on the westernmost ridge at Indian Camp Ranch. Sites with primary Basketmaker III components are 5MT2032 and 5MT10714 across a driveway to the southeast and 5MT10713 adjacent and south of t

Site Size

.47 acres

Site Composition and Layout

5MT10711 is a mid to late Basketmaker III (A.D. 570-725) hamlet in the north central portion of a cluster of three to four adjacent hamlets. Identified on the surface were three middens and two sections of non-contiguous slab-lined roomblock. Construction

Cultural Affiliation and Date Range of Occupation

Mesa Verde Ancestral Pueblo; mid-to-late Basketmaker III period (A.D. 561-725) based on seven AMS dates from structures and the sole presence of Basketmaker III pottery styles. The only evidence of occupation at the site prior to A.D. 660 is the footprint

General Location

Approximately 6 miles west of Cortez, Colorado, on the west side of a driveway at the end of County Road K.

Ownership, Stewardship

Private Property, Indian Camp Ranch Lot 6, Jane Dillard}

Years of Crow Canyon Excavation

2016, 2017

Percent Excavated by Crow Canyon

State of Colorado Archaeological Permits were obtained for each field season (2016-2017) to conduct archaeological research.

Permits Comment
2013-48 State of Colorado Survey and Testing Permit
2016-3 State of Colorado Excavation Permit
2016-4 State of Colorado Survey and Testing Permit
2017-4 State of Colorado Excavation Permit