Site Overview

Site Number


History of the Site Name

The Dillard site was named after the current land owner, Jane Dillard, who bought the property from Indian Camp Ranch developer Archie Hanson in 1993.

Other Names

Name Comment
Great Pithouse Wilshusen et al. 2012:240. Small Hamlets to Early Great Houses: The Emergence of Villages in the Mesa Verde Region between AD 200 and 900 in Southwestern Pithouse Communities, AD 200-900.
ICR-069 Indian Camp Ranch Archaeological Survey

Site Type

Habitation with public architecture.

Site Boundary Description

The boundaries of the site follow the extent of artifacts and construction evidence across and down the east and west sides of a north-south trending ridge.

Site Size

6.1 acres

Site Composition and Layout

The surface signature of the site includes a great kiva depression surrounded by six acres of Basketmaker III era midden mixed with sporadic pockets of burned rock and adobe. Remote sensing and testing of the site determined that it is minimally composed

Cultural Affiliation and Date Range of Occupation

Mesa Verde Ancestral Pueblo; mid-to-late Basketmaker III period. Occupied between A.D. 420 and 725. The site was used for small scale storage and possibly habitation prior to A.D. 580. Between A.D. 580 and 660 the site became focal point of aggregated hab

General Location

Approximately 6 miles west of Cortez, Colorado, south of County Road K.

Ownership, Stewardship

Private Property, Indian Camp Ranch Lot 6, Jane Dillard}

Years of Crow Canyon Excavation

2011 through 2014

Percent Excavated by Crow Canyon

State of Colorado Archaeological Permits were obtained for each field season (2011-2014) to conduct archaeological research.

Permits Comment
2011-84 State of Colorado Survey and Testing Permit
2011-86 State of Colorado Excavation Permit
2012-67 State of Colorado Excavation Permit
2012-68 State of Colorado Survey and Testing Permit
2013-47 State of Colorado Excavation Permit
2013-48 State of Colorado Survey and Testing Permit
2014-77 State of Colorado Excavation Permit