Nonstructure 104, midden

About this Nonstructure

No Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Northwest portion of the site.

Specific Location

This is a 2-x-2-m unit located in the northwest portion of Block 100; approximately 5-m east of Structure 113, a pit room.

Selection Criteria

2-x-2-m unit was placed after an auger confirmed the presence of a possible pit structure detected during an electrical-resistivity survey.


This is secondary refuse deposited over the pit room (Structure 113) upslope from the pithouse (Structure 110).


Nonstructure 104 was no longer used after the pithouses upslope to the west were decommissioned.

Postabandonment Process

Secondary refuse was deposited by natural, post-occupational processes.

Dating of Midden

Basketmaker III (A.D. 600-725).

Date Range

1 (A.D. 640–740)

Site-Wide Dating

Excavation Details for Excavation Units

In order by excavation unit number.

Excavation Unit



2-x-2 meter grid unit 1436N 210E.
North-central portion of the site.
Located north of the midden (Nonstructure 101) and approximately 8 m southeast of the slab-lined room in the roomblock (Structure 113).

Selection Criteria

Judgmental. This unit was selected to test the main chamber of a pithouse (Structure 110) based on the augering transects.

Excavation Strategy

Strata subdivided into arbitrary levels. Strata were subdivided into 25-cm levels when applicable.

Unit Ends at

Structure floor. The structure floor was encountered at an elevation of approximately 108.97 m. Fill continued into Features 1, 3, 6, 7, and 8.

Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit

Study Unit Type
Study Unit Number
Study Unit Description
Arbitrary Unit
cultural deposit, type unknown
earth-walled pit structure