Nonstructure 6.8-N, midden

About this Nonstructure

No Surface
No Masonry

General Location

East of main drainage on a steep talus slope; southwest of a tested kiva (Structure 5).

Specific Location

Relatively flat area on talus slope. Below Nonstructure 6.1-N in lower fill of Segment 3 (EU 48).

Selection Criteria

Part of Nonstructure 6-N testing; see Nonstructure 6-N and associated EU for description and explanation of testing strategy.


This is intepreted as secondary refuse based on high artifact density; believed to be an in situ deposit or a deposit that has only eroded a short distance from its original place of deposition because of its consolidated structure; the presence of a lot of stones may favor the latter interpretation; it is not clear where this refuse originated from; the closest structures are immediately downslope of this study unit.


Not applicable.

Postabandonment Process

Covered by postoccupational slopewash.

Dating of Midden

Based on pottery data, this refuse was deposited during Pueblo III times.

Date Range

2 (A.D. 1140–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

Groups to Which This Study Unit was Assigned

See The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo (specifically the chapters on architecture, chronology, and artifacts) for more information on study unit groupings at Woods Canyon Pueblo.

Type ID Description
area 4 Area of east talus slope
section E East side (east talus slope)
subperiod 9 Late Pueblo III (A.D. 1225-1280)

Excavation Details for Excavation Units

In order by excavation unit number.

Excavation Unit



Segment 3 N E.
East of main drainage at base of a steep talus slope.
South of the originally-defined boundaries of Nonstructure 6; immediately north of a possible retaining wall and immediatley east of a side drainage of the main drainage.

Selection Criteria

Judgmental. Based on the argument that the extreme slope present in Nonstructure 6 prevented the accumulation of midden deposits, three units were selected at the base of talus slope in hopes of finding thicker secondary refuse deposits; this is one of the three judg

Excavation Strategy

Strata subdivided into arbitrary levels.

Unit Ends at

Undisturbed native sediment. Undisturbed native sediment exposed in entire unit; to confirm this was a sterile deposit, a test window was excavated in the northeast corner of the unit.

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