Nonstructure 154, midden


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Site 5MT3807, Block 100, Plan

Type: Plan View

View: Not Available


Map depicts all or part of the following Study Units:
Nonstructure 101, midden
Structure 102, masonry surface structure
Structure 103, masonry surface structure
Structure 104, masonry surface structure
Arbitrary Unit 105, noncultural
Nonstructure 106, extramural surface
Nonstructure 107, extramural surface
Nonstructure 108, extramural surface
Nonstructure 109, extramural surface
Structure 110, earth-walled pit structure
Nonstructure 111, midden
Backhoe Trench 112, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 113, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 114, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 115, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 116, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 117, not further specified
Nonstructure 119, extramural surface
Nonstructure 120, extramural surface
Structure 121, masonry surface structure
Structure 122, subterranean kiva
Structure 123, subterranean kiva
Structure 124, subterranean room
Nonstructure 125, extramural surface
Nonstructure 126, extramural surface
Backhoe Trench 127, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 128, not further specified
Nonstructure 129, extramural surface
Nonstructure 130, extramural surface
Nonstructure 131, extramural surface
Nonstructure 132, cultural deposit, type unknown
Backhoe Trench 133, not further specified
Nonstructure 134, extramural surface
Backhoe Trench 135, not further specified
Structure 136, earth-walled pit structure
Structure 137, earth-walled pit structure
Structure 138, earth-walled pit structure
Structure 139, earth-walled pit structure
Structure 140, nonmasonry surface room
Structure 141, subterranean room
Nonstructure 142, midden
Backhoe Trench 143, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 144, not further specified
Structure 145, subterranean kiva
Structure 146, subterranean room
Backhoe Trench 147, not further specified
Structure 148, masonry structure, type unknown
Structure 149, nonmasonry surface room
Structure 150, subterranean structure, type unknown
Structure 151, subterranean structure, type unknown
Nonstructure 152, midden
Nonstructure 153, midden
Nonstructure 154, midden
Nonstructure 155, extramural surface
Nonstructure 156, extramural surface
Nonstructure 157, midden
Nonstructure 158, extramural surface

Site 5MT3807, Structure 122 and Nonstructure 154, Stratigraphic Profile

Type: Stratigraphic Profile

View: west


Map depicts all or part of the following Study Units:
Structure 122, subterranean kiva
Nonstructure 154, midden