Arbitrary Unit 1302, noncultural


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Site 5MT3807, Block 1300, Plan

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Map depicts all or part of the following Study Units:
Arbitrary Unit 1301, noncultural
Arbitrary Unit 1302, noncultural
Nonstructure 1303, midden
Backhoe Trench 1304, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 1305, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 1306, not further specified
Structure 1307, earth-walled pit structure
Structure 1308, earth-walled pit structure
Nonstructure 1309, midden
Nonstructure 1310, midden
Nonstructure 1311, cultural deposit, type unknown
Nonstructure 1312, midden
Backhoe Trench 1313, not further specified
Backhoe Trench 1314, not further specified
Structure 1315, subterranean kiva
Structure 1316, subterranean kiva
Nonstructure 1317, extramural surface
Structure 1318, earth-walled pit structure
Nonstructure 1319, extramural surface
Nonstructure 1320, midden
Nonstructure 1321, midden
Nonstructure 1322, extramural surface