Nonstructure 4.2-N, cultural deposit, type unknown


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Site 5MT11842, Excavation Units in Nonstructure 4-N (includes Nonstructures 4.4-N and 4.6-N)

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AutoCAD map showing location of all NST 4 excavation units
Map is a composite of multiple source maps

Map depicts all or part of the following Study Units:
Nonstructure 1-N, noncultural
Structure 1-S, subterranean kiva
Nonstructure 4-N, noncultural
Nonstructure 4.1-N, midden
Nonstructure 4.2-N, cultural deposit, type unknown
Nonstructure 4.3-N, midden
Nonstructure 4.4-N, extramural surface
Nonstructure 4.5-N, midden
Nonstructure 4.6-N, extramural surface
Nonstructure 4.7-N, extramural surface
Nonstructure 5-N, noncultural
Structure 9-S, subterranean kiva