Nonstructure 201, extramural surface

About this Nonstructure

Has Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Block 200, west edge of site, west-northwest of plaza, where Block 200 meets the site-enclosing wall.

Specific Location

Just north of, and adjacent to, the northeast wall of Structure 202, at the north end of the block. "Straddles" a doorway in the site-enclosing wall.

Selection Criteria


These extramural surfaces were probably used by residents of the surrounding architectural blocks during passage through the associated doorway or gap in the site-enclosing wall; few openings were exposed through this enclosing wall during excavations at the site.


Abandoned when the surrounding architectural blocks were abandoned, or perhaps when the village was abandoned.

Postabandonment Process

Upper portions of the site-enclosing wall collapsed; sediment accumulated naturally.

Dating of Construction

These two surfaces were not constructed but instead are natural surfaces.

Dating of Remodeling

No means by which to date either the use of the bedrock surface or the sediment surface above it; in any case, use of this area was probably continuous during the occupation of the village. The doorway or gap (Feature 1) in the site-enclosing wall, associated with this nonstructure, was remodeled sometime during the occupation of the village.

Dating of Abandonment

No means by which to date the abandonment of either surface.

Dating of Reuse

Use of this outdoor area was probably continuous during occupation of the village.

Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

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