Nonstructure 1210, extramural surface

About this Nonstructure

Has Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Block 1200, southeast quadrant of site, on cliff edge.

Specific Location

Narrow strip of bedrock between the Block 1200 roomblock to the east and the cliff edge to the west.

Selection Criteria


No artifacts were documented as resting on this surface. However, this narrow strip of slickrock at the cliff edge was probably used for a variety of purposes, as evidenced by the pit features associated with it.


Assumed to have been abandoned as part of the abandonment of the kiva suite.

Postabandonment Process

Construction materials from the walls of the adjacent rooms (Structures 1201, 1202, 1209, and 1212) collapsed onto this surface, and additional sediment was deposited naturally.

Dating of Construction

Surface was not constructed.

Dating of Remodeling

No remodeling noted.

Dating of Abandonment

Abandoned when the kiva suite was abandoned, sometime after A.D. 1265.

Dating of Reuse

No evidence of reuse.

Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

Excavation Details for Excavation Units

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Excavation Details for Excavaton Units

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