Nonstructure 119, extramural surface

About this Nonstructure

Has Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Central portion of site.

Specific Location

Northeast portion of Block 100; below Backhoe Trench 114.

Selection Criteria

Backhoe Trench 114 was placed to determine if another room existed east of Structure 104; Segment 1 began at base of trench to examine fill, exposing Nonstructure 119.


This surface represents an extramural surface from which a fire-pit (Feature 1) was excavated.


No evidence.

Postabandonment Process

Natural sediments covered the fire-pit and surface after the fire-pit (Feature 1) was no longer used.

Dating of Construction

Because there is no pottery data for this surface, the construction date is based on proximity to Structures 102, 103, 104, and 121. These rooms were constructed during the Pueblo II period. If this extramural surface is associated with these structures, the surface was probably used during the Pueblo II period.

Dating of Remodeling

None evident.

Dating of Abandonment


Dating of Midden

None evident.

Dating of Reuse

None evident.

Date Range

6 (A.D. 1060–1140)

Site-Wide Dating

Excavation Details for Excavation Units

In order by excavation unit number.

Excavation Unit



Segment 1 N E.
Central portion of site.
Northeastern portion of Block 100.

Selection Criteria

Judgmental. Backhoe Trench 114 was excavated to determine if another room existed east of Structure 104; Arbitrary 105 Segment 1 was placed in the bottom of Backhoe Trench 114 east of detected Structure 121 to identify any surfaces associated with the structure and t

Excavation Strategy

Full cut.

Unit Ends at

Undisturbed native sediment.

Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit

Study Unit Type
Study Unit Number
Study Unit Description
Arbitrary Unit
extramural surface