Nonstructure 8.3-N, extramural surface

About this Nonstructure

General Location

East of main drainage. On a slope, south of a ledge, where a kiva (Structure 4) and other structures are located.

Specific Location

Rests on Nonstructure 8.4-N in 1-x-1-m 393N 544E (EU 75).

Selection Criteria

Part of Nonstructure 8-N testing; see Nonstructure 8-N and associated EU for description and explanation of testing strategy.


Ephermal surface in fill that is associated with the construction of an extramural wall (Feature 2).


Probably abandoned as part of the abandonment of this area.

Postabandonment Process

Covered with slopewash, eolian and alluvial deposits.

Dating of Construction

No pottery or tree-ring data. Because the refuse (Nonstructure 8.4-N) that this surface rests on dates between A.D. 900 and 1300, this surface was probably used sometime between A.D. 900 and 1300.

Dating of Remodeling

Not applicable.

Dating of Abandonment

Probably abandoned when this area was abandoned as there are no cultural deposits above this surface.

Dating of Midden

Not applicable.

Dating of Reuse

No evidence of reuse.

Date Range

4 (A.D. 900–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

Groups to Which This Study Unit was Assigned

See The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo (specifically the chapters on architecture, chronology, and artifacts) for more information on study unit groupings at Woods Canyon Pueblo.

Type ID Description
area 3 Area of east talus slope
section E East side (east talus slope)
subperiod 9 Late Pueblo III (A.D. 1225-1280)

Excavation Details for Excavation Units

In order by excavation unit number.

Excavation Unit



1-x-1 meter grid unit 393N 544E.
East of main drainage; adjacent to and south of a kiva retaining wall that is associated with Structure 4.
Northeast corner of Nonstructure 8; northernmost unit in Nonstructure 8.

Selection Criteria

Random. Second unit to be selected by random means for testing Nonstructure 8.

Excavation Strategy

Strata subdivided into arbitrary levels.

Unit Ends at

Undisturbed native sediment.

Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit

Study Unit Type
Study Unit Number
Study Unit Description
extramural surface