Nonstructure 314, cultural deposit, type unknown

About this Nonstructure

No Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Block 300, west of spring; borders east-northeast end of plaza.

Specific Location

East end of excavated portion of block. Below Structure 307 and probably below at least part of Structures 306, 309, 310, 311, and 312; possibly below Structure 308.

Selection Criteria


This study unit was designated to account for intentional fill (PD 308) below Surface 2 of Structure 307, fill that was found to continue under the west wall of that structure and is therefore inferred to predate it. It is likely that the lower portion of PD 307 in adjacent Structure 306 (kiva) is also part of Nonstructure 314, but because PD 307 also includes deposits that postdate the construction of the wall, it cannot be included with Nonstructure 314. Nonstructure 314 probably includes deposits under Structure 308 as well, but existing documentation precludes a confident assessment. Because it is not known whether the kiva (Structure 306) and associated corner rooms (Structures 309, 310, 311, and 312) were built on top of earlier, dismantled rooms or in open space that served as a courtyard, it is not possible to state whether Nonstructure 314 was inside or outside of a structure; the "nonstructure" designation reflects a conservative approach to study unit interpretation. This deposit is interesting because it contains a variety of refuse and usable tools (chipped stone debris, sherds, a core, modified sherds, nonhuman bones, 8 complete peckingstones, a 2-hand mano, and a bone tube). The contents of this refuse, which was probably deposited as a result of use of the structures to the north, suggests residential use of those structures.


Abandonment of whatever structure surface or extramural surface this material represents was effected by the construction of Structure 307, and possibly Structures 306 and 308 as well.

Postabandonment Process

Not applicable.

Dating of Construction

This material appears to predate the construction of Structure 307, and might predate Structures 306 (kiva) and 308 as well. No tree-ring dates available for this nonstructure.

Dating of Remodeling

Not recorded.

Dating of Abandonment

Whatever structure or extramural surface this was, it was abandoned when Structure 307 and possibly Structures 306 and 308 were built on top of it.

Dating of Midden

Not Applicable

Dating of Reuse

No evidence.

Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

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