Arbitrary Unit 2, multiple study unit types

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Arbitrary Unit 2 consists of the probability sampling stratum that accounts for the spaces between architectural blocks within the pueblo. This sampling stratum is discontinuous and confined mostly to the west "half" of the pueblo, with only one area east of the main drainage included in it (see Database Map 4002). Ten randomly selected 2-x-2-m units were excavated within Arbitrary Unit 2.

Selection Criteria


Several midden deposits were tested within this arbitrary unit, and those assemblages are probably associated with the nearest architectural block or kiva suite.


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Postabandonment Process

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Dating of Construction

Although there are, of course, no structures assigned to this arbitrary unit, some wall fall within a 2-x-2-m test pit (897N 962E) contained a tree-ring sample that yielded the latest date from the site--A.D. 1277vv. The structural collapse from which the sample was collected was inferred, in the field, to have originated from a structure west of the excavation pit. This inferred structure would be in Block 700, would be at the northeast edge of the architectural block, and would have been constructed sometime after A.D. 1277. However, this date was derived from a sample of pinyon pine, which was seldom used for construction at this site and was more often used as fuelwood. This sample thus might merely indicate occupation of this area of the village after 1277 rather than construction after that year. In a different test pit in this arbitrary unit (905N 966E), construction fill beneath an exposed section of masonry wall and a use surface contained three pieces of charcoal that dated to A.D. 1254+vv, 1271+B, and 1271+v. These dates indicate that this layer of construction fill was deposited an unknown length of time after A.D. 1271, and that the surface and masonry wall above it postdate that year as well. It is not known whether the construction fill containing the samples was inside or outside a structure.

Dating of Remodeling

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Dating of Abandonment

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Dating of Midden

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Dating of Reuse

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Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

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