Nonstructure 1506, multiple study unit types

About this Nonstructure

Has Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Block 1500, west-central portion of site, east of plaza.

Specific Location

Outside of, and adjacent to, the D-shaped building. The test trench (Segment 1) butts up against the exterior face of the east wall.

Selection Criteria


This nonstructure contains both a layer of construction material used to fill cracks in the bedrock for the construction of the outer wall of the D-shaped structure (Block 1500) and also a layer of secondary refuse above the construction layer. The refuse is inferred to be trash from occupation/use of the nearby structures in Block 1500.


The midden was probably abandoned as a result of the abandonment of the architectural block.

Postabandonment Process

The upper walls of the D-shaped structure collapsed onto the midden material, covering it.

Dating of Construction

Not Applicable

Dating of Remodeling

Not Applicable

Dating of Abandonment

Not Applicable

Dating of Midden

One tree-ring date for the refuse stratum--A.D. 1252r. This date appears to be slightly early, because this midden was deposited after the D-shaped structure was built, and the bi-wall rooms appear to have been built around or after A.D. 1260. It is probably therefore safe to infer that this refuse was deposited after A.D. 1260.

Dating of Reuse

Not Applicable

Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

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Excavation Details for Excavaton Units

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