Nonstructure 1009, multiple study unit types

About this Nonstructure

Has Surface
No Masonry

General Location

Block 1000, northeast quadrant of site.

Specific Location

Immediately east of, and adjacent to, Structure 1008 (the lower story of a two-story tower).

Selection Criteria


There is no clear indication of use of the surface, other than for the deposition of refuse, although a possible doorway into the second story (Structure 1019) of the adjacent tower could indicate that this surface was used for access into that structure.


The surface was abandoned when the deposition of refuse began. The midden was probably abandoned as a result of the abandonment of the kiva suite.

Postabandonment Process

Stones collapsed from the upper walls of Structure 1019 (upper story of adjacent tower), and additional sediment was deposited naturally.

Dating of Construction

If Nonstructure 1009 includes a prepared surface, it is inferred to have been constructed around A.D. 1266 (on the basis of tree-ring dates from the adjacent structure--Structure 1008).

Dating of Remodeling

None noted.

Dating of Abandonment

The surface appears to have been abandoned when refuse began to accumulate on it, sometime after A.D 1266.

Dating of Midden

The refuse appears to have been deposited sometime after A.D. 1266, on the basis of tree-ring dates from the adjacent structure (Structure 1008).

Dating of Reuse

Was used as a midden after use of the surface ended, sometime after A.D. 1266.

Date Range

1 (A.D. 1250–1280)

Site-Wide Dating

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