Nonstructure 108, extramural surface

Site-Wide Dating

Date Range 1 (A.D. 561–725)
Component 1 encompasses the Basketmaker III occupation at 5MT10711 that took place between A.D. 561-725 based on seven AMS dates from structures and the sole presence of Basketmaker III pottery styles. The only evidence of occupation at the site prior to A.D. 660 is the footprint of a standard sized pithouse in the location of the later Oversized Pithouse 101-103, which was likely constructed between A.D. 620 and 660. Between A.D. 660-725, the Oversized Pithouse 101-103 and the roomblock (Pitrooms 110, 116, and 117) were constructed and remodeled multiple times. All open structures were decommissioned by burning around A.D. 725.
Date Range 2 (A.D. –)
not applicable