Structure 813, masonry surface structure


This room was probably abandoned sometime after A.D. 1267 (see "Construction").
Like the other peripheral rooms, this room abuts, and so postdates, the construction of the great kiva. A very small tree-ring sample that was dated to A.D. 1267vv was found in structure fill. This wood might be from the roof of this room, although the sample was found in Stratum D, which is described, not as roof fall, but as "postabandonment alluvial deposits" containing washed-in lenses of sediment. In addition, this sample is pinyon pine, which was only rarely found in roof fall at this site, and was more commonly identified in samples of fuelwood. If this sample is from a roofing timber from this room, then the structure was either roofed, repaired, or remodeled after A.D. 1267; if the sample was not from the roof of this structure, the date indicates only that the block was occupied until sometime after 1267.
No remodeling noted.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating