Structure 812, masonry surface structure


This structure might have been abandoned sometime after A.D. 1273 (see "Construction")
Wall abutments indicate that this room postdates the construction of the great kiva (Structure 800). Three tree-ring dates are available for this room--A.D. 1194vv, 1210vv, 1273vv. The two early dates are probably from reused wood. The latest date appears to indicate that the room was constructed or repaired after A.D. 1273. However, these samples were among only five such charcoal fragments in the structure fill, were very small (4 x 2 cm), and were found in Stratum C, which is described as "wind-and-water-deposit with some wall fall." There was no other evidence to indicate that the roof of this room burned (such as burned roofing sediment, pockets of ash, etc.). It is thus not certain that the charcoal nodules were from the roof of this room. In addition, the sample that yielded the A.D. 1273 date is pinyon pine, which was seldom used as a construction wood at Sand Canyon Pueblo and was also used as a fuelwood. So, although this room might have been built or repaired after A.D. 1273, it is possible that the charcoal was not from the roof of this room and does not date either the construction or repair. This date does probably indicate that this area of the architectural block was occupied until after A.D. 1273.
No remodeling noted.
No reuse noted.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating