Structure 810, masonry surface structure


Few data to indicate when this room was abandoned. It was clearly abandoned after the mid-1200s (which is when it was built). It appears that the roof was left unsalvaged and unburned, and there is no evidence that cultural activity occurred in the room after it was abandoned. It is possible, therefore, that this room was abandoned when occupation of the village ended, sometime after A.D. 1277.
Three tree-ring dates are available for this room--A.D. 876vv, 892vv, and 1024vv. These dates indicate only that construction of the room occurred sometime after A.D. 1024. These beams were probably damaged or reused and do not accurately reflect the time of construction. Wall abutments indicate that this room postdates the construction of the great kiva, which was probably built in the mid-A.D. 1200s.
No evidence of remodeling.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating