Structure 511, masonry surface structure


Several small lenses of ash in the lower portion of wall fall indicate that this room had begun to collapse (and ash from a firepit or hearth was dumped into the collapsing wall rubble on several occasions) while the remainder of the kiva suite was still occupied. The tree-ring cutting dates from associated Structure 501 (kiva) indicate that abandonment of the kiva suite occurred sometime after A.D. 1252; thus, this structure was also abandoned after 1252.
No means by which to date construction of this room, although it was built at the same time as Structure 510. The only tree-ring cutting dates from this kiva suite are from Structure 501 (kiva), and the preferred interpretation of those dates is that the kiva was built around A.D. 1252. Structure 511 was probably built within a few years of that.
No means by which to date the remodeling of the room, which consists of the construction of Feature 1 (a low masonry construction along the north wall that is similar to a buttress).
Some secondary refuse was deposited into this room after the walls had begun to collapse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating