Structure 108, aboveground kiva


Structure was abandoned when the kiva suite was abandoned, sometime after A.D. 1274.
No tree-ring dates for this structure. However, the sequence of building construction within this area of the architectural block as inferred from wall abutments and bondings suggests that the enclosing wall around this kiva was constructed after the enclosing wall around Structure 102 (kiva) was built. Structure 102 is thought to have been built in or after A.D. 1271 or 1274.
One niche (Feature 20) was constructed in the bench face after the bench face was built. The sipapu (Feature 21), an additional pit (Feature 24), and a rock art image (Feature 23) in the bedrock surface (Surface 3) were covered by plaster. These events cannot be dated, but clearly occurred sometime after the structure was built (in or after A.D. 1271 or 1274).
Possible temporary reuse indicated by a feature (Feature 29, burned spot) on top of roof fall; occurred sometime after A.D. 1274.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating