Structure 106, masonry surface structure


Was probably abandoned when this area of Block 100 was abandoned, sometime after A.D. 1274.
No tree-ring dates for this structure. However, the sequence of building construction within this area of the architectural block as inferred from wall abutments and bondings suggests that this room was once the easternmost room that was partly formed by the site-enclosing wall. This room appears to have been constructed before Structure 102 (kiva), but because the village was occupied for only a few decades, the construction of Structure 102 probably occurred within a few years of the construction of Structure 106. Structure 102 is thought to have been built in or after either A.D. 1271 or 1274.
No remodeling noted.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1250 – 1280)
Site-Wide Dating