Structure 404, masonry surface structure


The only indications of the time of abandonment are: an absence of trash in the structure fill, disarticulated human bone in the lower fill, and missing roof beams--indications similar to those in other structures at the site. This similarity thought to be because most structures were abandoned at the time village occupation ended. Occupation ended as the result of an attack in which many villagers died and that occurred sometime after A.D. 1274, which is the latest tree-ring date from the site.
No tree-ring dates for this structure. The walls are of late Pueblo III architectural style (pecked block and double-stone-wide-with-core walls). Proximity suggests association with Structure 406 (kiva), the construction of which is tree-ring dated to sometime after A.D. 1258.
No evidence of remodeling.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1256 – 1285)
Site-Wide Dating