Structure 304, subterranean kiva


The latest tree-ring date from this structure (1274vv) indicates abandonment of this structure after that year. An estimate of A.D. 1285 for the abandonment of this structure (also the end of village occupation) was derived from the following series of events: (1) after this structure was abandoned, the roof was burned to a small degree (perhaps ritually) and collapsed; (2) refuse was deposited into the collapsed roofing material for an unknown length of time; (3) then the attack that ended the occupation of the village occurred, as evidenced by disarticulated human remains on top of the roof fall and refuse.
The 59 tree-ring dates for this structure span A.D. 785vv to 1274vv. This kiva was either built or remodeled after 1274. This is the latest tree-ring date for the site. The only date cluster (at A.D. 1170-1171) may date a roof from some nearby, earlier site.
Floor was replastered once--no dates.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
1 (A.D. 1256 – 1285)
Site-Wide Dating