Structure 1037, subterranean room


Structure 1037 fell out of use by the Late Pueblo II period as indicated by Nonstructure 1039 refuse deposited above roof fall.
Structure 1037 is a subterranean round room with mostly earthen walls and partial masonry walls constructed in and around the tunnel opening (Feature 1). This structure contained no bench, pilasters, hearth, or ventilation system. Due to the architectural characteristics and the presence of secondary refuse deposits (Nonstructure 1039) dating to the Late Pueblo II period, a construction date of the Late Pueblo II was assigned. A single tree-ring sample from the roof deposits dated to A.D. 1060+vv.
None evident.
The depression left by the collapse of Structure 1037 was used for the deposit of secondary refuse (Nonstructure 1039) by nearby residents.
Date Range
23 (A.D. 1100 – 1225)
Site-Wide Dating