Site-Wide Dating

Date Range 1 (A.D. 640–720)
Component 1 is the Basetmaker III occupation of the Shepherd Site. Based on AMS dating on corn from the pitroom, Structure 132 was occupied between A.D. 644-714.
Date Range 2 (A.D. 1045–1095)
Component 2 is the Pueblo II occupation of the Shepherd Site. Evidence for this component includes the masonry architecture of Structure 106, an AMS date from the fill of the structure, and Pueblo II ceramics in the vicintiy.
Date Range 3 (A.D. 600–1100)
Component 3 refers to contexts with mixed Basketmaker III and Pueblo II deposits. This component is generally reserved for midden areas with mixed pottery assemblages.
Date Range 4 (A.D. –)
not applicable