Structure 11-S, masonry surface structure


Method and Sequence

Room built up against cliff face underneath overhang; cliff face serves as north boundary of room. Only construction observed was construction of east and south walls and a partial section of the west wall. See masonry forms for architectural details of east and south walls. The outline of the west wall is visible at modern ground surface, and a two-course section of the wall rests near the cliff face. Roof of room is marked by six secondary beams in the south wall and two sockets (Feature 2, Feature 3) in the east wall, that probably held primary beams. Structure 21 rests on top of this room and there is an offset between the upper and lower stories on the exterior face of the east wall. In summary, the roof was constructed by socketing at least two primary beams in the east wall and presumably the west wall. Secondary beams were then seated in the south wall and rested on top of and perpendicular to the primary beams. Closing materials and roofing sediment were probably deposited on top of the beams, however, none of this material is preserved.


Length of east wall (complete); east wall touches cliff face.
Length of south wall (incomplete).
Modern ground surface to socket (Feature 2) in east wall; measurement not taken from floor because floor was not exposed.

Method of Roof Support

Socketed in walls.

Roof Description