Modern Artifacts

Pueblo people today make and use some of the same types of artifacts that their ancestors used for hundreds of years.

Example of modern Pueblo pottery.



People still make beautiful pottery using the coil-and-scrape technique.

A modern Pueblo necklace and ancient Pueblo beads.



This is a modern Pueblo necklace, but the style of bead has been made for a very long time. Compare the beads in this necklace with the beads next to it, which were made during the Pueblo II period.

A Pueblo farmer using a metal digging stick to plant seed.



Pueblo farmers still use digging sticks for farming. Some use traditional ones made of wood. Others prefer digging sticks made of metal.

Here, a Hopi farmer uses a metal digging stick to plant seed.

Slab metate and two-hand mano.



Thousands of years after manos and metates first came into use, Pueblo women today continue to use them to grind their corn. They use two-hand manos and slab metates set in metate bins.

In addition, Pueblo people make use of many modern conveniences, technologies, and goods.

Baseball cap and sunglasses, basketball, Frisbee, computer mouse, and cell phone.