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Castle Rock Pueblo: A Trip Through Time

Castle Rock Pueblo as it may have appeared in the A.D. 1200s.
by Marjorie R. Connolly, Samuel B. Fee, and Sara S. Kelly

Castle Rock Pueblo is the site of an ancient village located in the heart of the Mesa Verde region. From 1990 through 1994, the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center studied the history of this fascinating place. The story of Castle Rock Pueblo is drawn from many sources: the results of archaeological study, insights shared by Native Americans, and a variety of historic records and photographs.

You can visit Castle Rock Pueblo during three different time periods via your computer. In each time period, there is a mystery for you to solve. Simply click on a time period below and . . .

Take a Trip Through Time!

Trip 1
A.D. 1200s

Trip 1, A.D. 1200s
Trip 2
A.D. 1800s

Trip 2, A.D. 1800s
Trip 3
A.D. 1990s

Trip 3, A.D. 1990s


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