Southwest Colorado Educators: Borrow Our History Trunks

The Archaeology of Cactus Ruin: A Paper Excavation is a lesson designed to teach students how archaeologists use sampling strategies to learn about past cultures.

Cactus Ruin is modeled after the ancestral Puebloan site, Roy’s Ruin. The site was excavated in 1988 by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center as part of the Sand Canyon Archaeological Project Site Testing Program. The artifact data is derived from Roy’s Ruin and other tested sites. This lesson was designed for middle school through adult learners.

While this is an older module, we see that it is still effective and engaging. The learning experience typically takes about 1 week in the classroom. It includes:

    • slideshows
    • timelines
    • pages of related content

Southwest Colorado Educators: Borrow Our History Trunks

At Crow Canyon, we teach young people how to interpret the past—because they’ll shape our future. As a local outreach initiative, we offer History Trunks for loan—at no cost—to teachers in southwestern Colorado. Designed for elementary school students, the trunks focus on local history and culture. Five trunks are available, one for each of the following themes:

    • Navajo
    • Ute
    • Hispanic
    • European American
    • Community (multicultural)

Each trunk contains replica historic artifacts and photos, books, and other items such as maps, music, and videos. The project is a collaborative effort between Crow Canyon, local teachers, members of the community, and local history scholars.

Impact: Through the History Trunks, kids connect to the past, their present-day community, and their own place in human history. The trunks also promote respect for cultural diversity and appreciation for the uniqueness of the Four Corners area.

Grade Level and Standards: The trunks are to be used in conjunction with teachers’ curricula that have been developed for grade 4; activities can be modified slightly for use in grades 2, 3, and 5. In summer 2013, the curriculum was aligned with the new Colorado Standards focusing on 21st Century Skills. The lessons integrate such diverse subject areas as history, geography, reading, writing, languages, mathematics, music, and art. Each trunk includes a teacher’s guide.

Loan Area: Southwestern Colorado (including Cortez, Dolores, Dove Creek, Durango, and Mancos). Borrowers must pick up and return trunks at Crow Canyon, 23390 Road K, Cortez. Sorry, we are unable to offer shipment or delivery.

Loan Period: Two weeks. During this period, multiple teachers may share a trunk in their classrooms.

Cost: Free! (A $50 per trunk refundable deposit is required.)

Borrow a History Trunk!
To reserve your trunk, call a Crow Canyon sales and enrollment specialist at 800.422.8975, ext. 455.

Trunk Details
Dimensions: 16″ x 36″ x 20″

Contents: A teacher’s guide and an array of materials, including two dozen or more replica historic artifacts, two dozen or more replica historic photos and/or documents, and two dozen or more books. Some trunks also include music and videos.